Magento – Optimize your webshop


Recently, i have many works that focus on Magento optimzation, that explains why i have many optimization related articles stay close to each other :D.

Today i’ll introduce you another techniques belong to Magento itself, it means you can do it with only source code and admin dashboard. there’re two sections, first one is about configuration, and second one is about frontend. i hope you will enjoy it.

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Tutorial : install real exuberant-ctags on mac

download ctags source from here :


execute these command without “sudo” :

tar xzvf <ctags package>cd ctags-5.7./configuremake

make install

This puts it in /usr/local/bin which means it avoids the ctags that comes with OS X. This is good in case Apple releases an update for it and squashes your real ctags. To make the good ctags show up first, you need it to be first in your path. If you’re using .bash_login or .bash_profile add a line like this:

export PATH=”/usr/local/bin:$PATH”

Then you can make sure by opening a NEW terminal window and doing: which tags

It should show /usr/local/bin/ctags