Redmine – A new plugin to Manage Attachements


in WordPress, we have Media Library as a utility to manage our uploaded files , that’s good for us to see all attachments there, it also allows us to remove multiple files at one – cool! . We don’t have such tool in Redmine , so i wrote a plugin for that purpose .

Note : this article is for Redmine user only. if you’re not , please see more information about it here

Before starting, please download the plugin attached below


in order to install the plugin, you just need to extract it into plugins/ directory in your Redmine source code directory , then restart your Redmine app with following methods :

– if you’re using Webrick server, just terminate running instance then start it again.

– if you’re using Fusion Passenger , you can use command below to restart your app instance

touch tmp/restart.txt

there is no migration script in the module so you can use it now. Attached screenshot is what i have on my local environment

Redmine - Manage Attachments

p/s : i will setup a new github channel for it in the future , will let you guys know when it’s ready . Contributions will be welcomed 😉